Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel
norway, Alta (added: 20/01/2016)

Sorrisniva Igloo Hotel is the place for those who want a different accommodation in a unique hotel made of pure snow and ice. The hotel is surrounded by a quiet and relaxing atmosphere outside the city center – it is the perfect place for calmness and serenity.

The Igloo Hotel is located at Sorrisniva, about 20 km from Alta in idyllic surroundings on the banks of the Alta River.

The Igloo Hotel is the only one of its kind and it is about 2500 sqm large. It is the worlds most northern Igloo Hotel! Our first Igloo Hotel was built in 2000, every year we change theme and construction. All exterior and interior is made of snow and ice; rooms, the beds, even the glasses in the bar. The hotel has approximately 30 rooms, suites, ice gallery, and ice-chapel. The hotel is decorated with ice sculptures – beautiful artwork created by talented sculptors. Along with the pure white snow it creates a fairytale atmosphere inside.

Juvet Landscape Hotel
norway, Alstad (added: 24/11/2012)

The architects Jensen & Skodvin aimed to create a landscape hotel that blended in with the terrain. The result is seven small «cubes» on stilts, with glass walls facing the gorge. The interior is dark to avoid taking attention away from the scenery. The landscape is so varied that none of the rooms are alike, and each room has its own individual view. Outside the landscape is constantly changing – according to the weather, the time of day and season.

First Hotel Grims Grenka
norway, Oslo (added: 05/04/2012)

Grims Grenka is 800 metres from Oslo Central Station and 15 minutes’ walk from the Aker Brygge district. It offers flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi and a rooftop bar and terrace. First Hotel Grims Grenka’s stylish rooms have luxury beds with Egyptian cotton bed linen. Some bathrooms have waterfall showers, while all feature quality toiletries and in-bathroom audio speakers. Grenka’s Madu Restaurant mixes old and new cooking methods to create a modern twist on traditional Scandinavian cuisine. The seasonal ingredients are mostly organic, and many dishes are served raw.