Andronis Boutique Hotel

[ greece, Oía (Santorini) ]

With the whitewashed houses of the small town of Oia providing clifftop backdrop and the azure Aegean Sea delivers a picture perfect Greek idyll. Travel back in time dwelling in a traditional Canava where locals used to produce wine during the peak of Oia’s civilization or mariners used as natural shelter in the early 1900’s. We recently transformed them to an oasis of tranquility and luxury thinking of traditions evolving from the island’s long history. Archway ceilings, varnished cement screeds, built-in beds compiled with private Jacuzzi’s and terraces overlooking the Caldera, free Wi-Fi and all modern amenities synthesize a puzzle of harmony and comfort. You can start your day enjoying carefully selected breakfast of the Gods, compiled of Greek dishes made from fresh, local ingredients. Continue lazing the day around our two pools enjoying views of the volcano and signature cocktails. Finally dine at the Lauda restaurant where tradition meets Greek Nouvelle cuisine.